Salesforce Certification
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Architect Journey Overview

Our Salesforce-certified architect credentials comprise three tiers of certification that recognize specialized knowledge and skills, as well as your growing expertise in the Salesforce platform:

  • The Salesforce Certified Architecture Designer credentials validate knowledge and expertise in particular specializations.
  • The Salesforce Certified Application Architect and System Architect certifications recognize professionals who possess expertise in a domain area.
  • The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) credential is the pinnacle certification for those who demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and capabilities to design and build high-performance technical solutions on the Salesforce platform across all areas of domain expertise. CTAs are the Salesforce elite – you should aspire to become one.

Certified Technical Architect Credential Overview

The Salesforce Certified Technical Architect possesses broad knowledge across multiple development platforms and draws on their skills and experience to assess customer requirements and architecture in order to design secure, high-performance technical solutions that maximize the potential of the Salesforce platform.

Becoming a Certified Technical Architect takes some investment — you’ll need experience, technical breadth and depth, presentation skills, and the ability to synthesize Salesforce solutions that span the entire platform. Join the most elite group of Salesforce architects in the world, and you’ll open unlimited opportunities for advancement and leadership.

The prerequisites for this certification include one of the following:

Reference Materials

If you are ready to get started on the journey toward earning your Technical Architect credential, be sure to explore this compilation of architect domain specific Trailmixes to help build, hone and practice your skills. If you are preparing for the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect Review Board exam, be sure to also check out the exam guide.

About the Review Board Exam

Once you have achieved the prerequisites, you will be qualified to take the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect Certification Review Board Exam. During the exam, you will be provided with a hypothetical scenario, with detailed customer requirements, and be asked to present and justify your recommended architecture solution.

  • 4 hours allotted to complete the exam
  • No reference materials are allowed at any time during the exam
  • Registration fee is USD 6000, plus applicable taxes as required per local law
  • Retake fee is USD 3000, plus applicable taxes as required per local law

For detailed information on the Review Board Exam, please see the exam guide.

The Review Board Exam Schedule is available here.