Salesforce Certification

Credential Overview

The Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant credential is designed for those who have experience implementing Pardot solutions in a customer-facing role. Candidates should be able to design and implement Pardot solutions that meet customers’ business requirements and contribute to their long-term success.

Here are some examples of the concepts you should understand to pass the exam:

  • Manage users, prospects, and data
  • Maintain and customize the Salesforce Integration
  • Build emails, forms, and automation tools

About the Exam

All proctored Salesforce certification exams can be scheduled as an onsite or online exam. Learn more about scheduling an exam.

Quick facts about the exam:

  • 60 multiple-choice questions
  • 90 minutes allotted to complete the exam
  • 70% is the passing score
  • Registration fee is USD 200, plus applicable taxes as required per local law
  • Retake fee is USD 100, plus applicable taxes as required per local law
  • No hard-copy or online materials may be referenced during the exam

*Please note that on occasion, Salesforce may place a small number of un-scored questions on an exam in order to gather data on question performance. These un-scored exam questions are in addition to the 60 scored questions on your exam, and have no impact whatsoever on your final exam score.

Sample Questions

These sample questions are representative of what you can expect to see on the Salesforce Certified Pardot Consultant exam and are designed to help you become familiar with the testing format. More sample questions are available in our Exam Guide.

Which is NOT a way to assign a custom role to a user?

  1. Add a user to a Custom Role directly from their User Record.
  2. Add a batch of existing users to a Custom Role using table actions.
  3. Edit an existing Default Role, and it will automatically convert to a Custom Role.
  4. Assign new users to a previously created Custom Roles during the import process.

The Answer is C.

The "related" tab of the prospect record displays prospects that have what in common?

  1. Email Domain
  2. Company
  3. Assigned user
  4. Score

The Answer is A.