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Salesforce-certified specialists are trained to transform their organizations, and as a result the demand for certified professionals has never been greater. Whatever your role, earning a credential from Salesforce University demonstrates that you have the skills and experience to take full advantage of Salesforce.

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Salesforce certification exams recognize experience as well as study. In fact, some exams are based as much on industry and real-world experience as on formal training. Some candidates benefit greatly from our recommended online or classroom training courses, while others prefer to rely on self-study and their own professional experience.

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Administrators keep your Salesforce running. Implementation teams put the right solutions in place. Architects and developers design and build the new applications that grow your business. And marketers execute campaigns that nurture and engage your customers. By certifying users in these key roles and hiring verified Salesforce-certified professionals, you're taking a big step toward ensuring your organization's success.

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